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Dates: September 18 — September 22, 2013
Venue: CENTRAL HOUSE OF ARTISTS, 10 Krymsky Val, Moscow

Dear friends!

Gallery 21 is happy to invite you to the 17th International Fair ART MOSCOW.

Gallery booth is 17–1, where we will show the works of Stas Shuripa, Anya Titova, Natalia Zintsova, Sergey Ogurtsov, Sergey Lotsmanov, Ivan Egelskii, Ilya Dolgov, Alexander Pogorzhelsky, Ilya Romanov, Igor Chirkin and Alexey Podkydyshev, Mikhail Tolmachev, Yulia Ivashkina

In 2013 Fair guests will witness a turning point in the history of the ART MOSCOW. What is the long-awaited reaction to the changes in the local contemporary art market. The fair will be held in a completely renewed format, oriented on the support of young artists, curators and galleries. „The main mission of the fair is to support young artists, curators and gallerists, as well as to extend, non-commercial projects, contribute to the spread contemporary art knowledge, extend regional presence at the fair and promote art accessibility for society” (http: // And we hope that this strategy will give a new impulse to contemporary art market development in Russia.

The opening will take place on September, 18

CENTRAL HOUSE OF ARTISTS, 10 Krymsky Val, Moscow

Hope to see you at our booth!