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Natasha Dahnberg

Natasha Dahnberg

Born 1969 in Moscow.

Lives and works in Sweden.


1993–1994 School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops, Moscow

1987–1992 Moscow State Pedagogical University, Master of Arts

Selected solo exhibitions:

2015 Uppsala Women’s Film Festival, Uppsala

2015 Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm

2015 Solo exhibition, Gallery Se Konst, Falun

2015 Video Portrait, Fabrika Gallery, Moscow

2015 By a Hairbreadth, solo exhibition, Gallery 21, Moscow

2014 Frames of Life, Gallery Fagerstedt, Stockholm

2012 Russian Roulette, Gallery 1, Uppsala

2011 My Soldier, Uppsala Art Museum

2009 The Legacy, Gallery Strömbom, Uppsala

2009 Important Things, Gallery Agardh & Thornvall, Stockholm

2008 My Atlantis, Moscow Museum of Modern Arts

Selected group exhibitions and festivals

2017 Separations, Gallery 21

2014 Lens Politica, Helsinki, Finland

2014 Uppsala International Short Film Festival

2014 Friction International Performance Festival, Uppsala Art Museum

2014 VideoGUD Festival, Smedjebacken

2014 Spring Salon, Liljevalchs Art Venue, Stockholm

2014 Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm

2014 Regarding the Police, Police Museum, Stockholm

2013 Weekday, Sokol Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow

2013 Uppsala International Short Film Festival

2013 International Video Art Festival „Now&After”, Moscow

2013, Uppsala Art Museum

2013 VideoGUD Festival, Uppsala

2012 Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Uppsala

2010 Swedish Family, Uppsala Art Museum

2009 Third Moscow Biennale, Moscow Museum of Modern Arts

2008 The Artist as a Puppy, Bror Hjorths Hus, Uppsala

Public Art:

2011 Living Room, Dragarbrunnsgatan, Uppsala

2010 My Road and Rambling Rose, Stenhagsvägen, Uppsala

2008, Street Musicians, Uppsala Concert & Congress


2015 The Cuckoo, three channel video installation

2014 Mary & Elisabeth, 14 min. art film

2014 By a Hairbreadth, 2.30 min. video installation

2014 The Others, 4.30 min. two channel video installation

2013 Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk, 5 min. art film

2011 My Soldier, 15 min. Four channel video installation

2011 Before/After. Mission in Afghanistan, 22 min. documentary

2005 Cupid & Psyche, 5 min. art film

Grants and prizes:

2015 First prize, Architecture competition for city of Gävle

(with Karavan landscape architects)

2014 First prize, VideoGUD festival

2014 Production support for art film The Cuckoo, Uppsala County Council

2013 Production support for art film Mary & Elisabeth, Film i Uppland

2013 First prize, International Video Art Festival „Now&After”, Moscow

2013 Honorable mention, VideoGUD festival

2012 UNT urban environment prize, Uppsala

2012 Uppsala municipality professional grant

2011 SPEKTRA: DOX production support for film Before/After. Mission in Afghanistan

2010 Swedish Arts Grants Committee, professional grant

2008 Uppsala County Council grant


Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Police Museum, Stockholm

Uppsala County Council

Uppsala City Council

Östhammar City Council

Stockholm County Administrative Board

Söderhamn City Council


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