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Sergey Katran

Sergey Katran

Sergey Katran

Born in 1970 in Nikopol town? Dnepropetrovsk Region (USSR, Ukrain). Last twenty years lives and works in Moscow.


2011 — School of Visual Arts, course of direction by Tatiana Danilyants

2010 — Member of Artist Union of Russia, section of Modern Art

1992 — Krivoy Rog State Pedagogical Institute, faculty of natural history, degree in biology, chemistry

Selected Solo Shows:


1: 30. Gallery 21


Forbidden place. (the Electrozavod, Moscow)

Silent exhibition. (Zverevsky Center)

Until the World is Gone. (Art Night Venezia 2017)

2014 — Happiness | Schastie (Embankment of Neva River, St.Petersburg, Russia)

2013 — Action „Minefield — the Territory of Art” (The parking for cruiser yachts, the main entrance to the Gardens of Giardini. Venice, Italy)

2012 — InTime. Collaboration project by Sergey Katran and Ekaterina Sisfontes (Sweden) ( National centre for Contemporary Arts, supported by AL Gallery (Saint-Petersburg) and Museum of Organic Culture. Center of creative initiatives „Fabrika)

2012 — Open!!! (School of Modern Drama, Moscow; supported by AL Gallery (Saint Petersburg) and National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Moscow)).

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2013 — The Immersions into the future. In frame of „Open Innovations” Forum (Center of Art and Culture „Media Art Lab” and Exhibition Assocoation, MANEGE, International ExpoCenter CROCUS EXPO, Moscow)

2012 — 2013 — RESONANT MATTER (Russian Museum, Marble Palace. Saint-Petersburg)

2012 — 2013 — John Cage Experiments and Its Context. (National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Merce Cunningham Foundation (USA), John Cage Foundation (USA), Ekaterina Culture Foundation. Ekaterina Culture Foundation

Moscow, Audio-visualobject „Zone of the Absolut Zero. John Cage’s Refrigerator”)

2012 — The Triumph of Kaissa.Dedication to Marcel Duchamp. In the frame of the Cultural Program of the Match for the title of FIDE World Champion in chess (StateTretyakov Gallery, Moscow)

2011 — Visual Scores. (National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow).


2012 — LomonosovArt 2012, for the intellectual in contemporary art (Faculty of Philosophy of the State Moscow University)

2013, 2014 — Nominated for Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award in the category „Best Work of Visual Art”

Public collections:

National Center of Contemporary Art (Moscow, Russia)

State Russian Museum (St.Petersburg, Russia)