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Julia Ivashkina

Julia Ivashkina

Julia was born in 1982 in Chita region. Currently lives and works in Moscow.


  • Graduated from Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities (Moscow, 2008)
  • Institute of Contemporary Art (Moscow, 2009)

Solo exhibitions:

  • „Harkening At This And That Place” (Venue for young arts Project „START”, Winzavod, Moscow, 2010)
  • „In the Rooms” (pop/off/art, Moscow, 2012)

Group exhibitions:

  • „Documenting Possibilities” (Valand School of Fine Arts, Goteborg, 2007)
  • „Counting Possibilities” (Art Moscow, Central House For The Artists Moscow, 2008)
  • „Space of Silence” (The Red Banner Factory, St Petersburg, 2009)
  • „Really?” (III Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Artplay, Moscow, 2009)
  • „Universam” (Izvestiya, Moscow, 2009)
  • „Let me think!” (III Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Red October, Moscow, 2009)
  • „Art After End Of History” (Central House For The Artists, Moscow, 2009)
  • „Can’t take it anymore” (VCSI, Voronezh, 2009)
  • „TAMING TIME” (Project Fabrika, Moscow, 2010)
  • „Junk” ( II Moscow Biennale of Young Art, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, 2010)
  • „By Contradiction” (The Red Hall in Winzavod, Moscow, 2010)
  • „Time, Forward?” (Soyuz Factory, Moscow, 2010)
  • „Practice for Everyday Life” — Young Artists from Russia (Calvert 22, London, 2011)
  • „From the Realm of Practical Knowledge” (GMG Gallery, Moscow, 2011)