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Sergey Ogurtsov

Sergey Ogurtsov

Born in 1982. Currently lives and works in Moscow.


2010 Valand School for Fine Arts (Göteborg)

2008 Institute of Contemporary Art (Moscow)

2007 RSUH School of Anthropology (Moscow)

2003 College of Fine Arts (Sydney)

Solo shows:

2012 Elements of the Ghost Theory (Gallery 21, Moscow)

2010 Tiny History of the End of Time (Rotor Gallery, Goteborg, )

2009 Exodus (Project Start, Moscow)

Group shows:

2013 Lightplay (Gallery 21, Moscow)

2012 Angkor Again Angkor (Gallery 21, Moscow)

2012 Seems Something Is Missing Here (Gallery 21, Moscow)

2012 Counter Illusions (Gallery 21, Moscow, 2012)In Travels. Transitional Experiences (Gallery 21, Moscow)

2011 Reverse Perspective (pop/off/art Gallery, Moscow)

2011 From The Realm Of The Practical Knowledge (GMG Gallery, Special Project of 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow)

2011 Practice for Everyday Life (Calvert 22, London)

2011 New Sculpture (New Museum, Saint-Petersburg)

2010 History of Russian Video art, book 3 (MMOMA, Moscow)

2010 Performance Museum Live (Voronezh Center of Contemporary Art, Voronezh)

2010 He Carried What He Could and Left the Balance to His Brother (Rotor Gallery, Goteborg)

2009 Against Exclusion (Garage CCC, 3rd Moscow Biennale)

2009 Really? (ARTPLAY Design Center, 3 Moscow Biennale project)

2008 Rebellion Mausoleum (ELIA Goteborg; Stella Art Foundation, Moscow, 2009)

2008Cognitive Capitalism and Spaces of Mobility (Goteborg)

Selected curatorial projects:

2012 Behind The Encounter Scenes (Gallery 21, Moscow)

2012 Awaiting Environment (Gallery 21, Moscow)

2012 In Travels. Transitional Experiences (Gallery 21, Moscow)

2010 Taming Time (PROEKT_FABRIKA, Moscow)

2010 Art of Spending Time, with A.Litvin (M'ARS Gallery, Moscow)

Art Fairs:



Selected publications:

Аs is? (Baza Magazine, 2/2011, ed. A.Osmolovsky)
Back to the Things. Mapping the New Processes in Arts (Moscow Art Magazine, 75/2010)
Abstracts on the Work of Art (Baza Magazine, 1/2010)
Art after Conceptual Art: Conceptual Space for Art (Moscow Art Magazine, 71–72/2009)

Selected bibliography:

Stanislav Shuripa, Sudden Spaces. (Artwork and Event) (DI Magazine, 9/2011)
Stanislav Shuripa, Aesthetics of Cognitive Action (DI Magazine, 5/2011)
Stanislav Shuripa, New Conceptual Wave, or on the Nature of Ideas in Emerging Art (Moscow Art Magazine, 73–74/2009)

Artist’s works are in private collections in Russia