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Landscape painted by Gaze

Landscape painted by Gaze
Dates: December 01 — December 30, 2011
Venue: Gallery 21

There are things difficult to explain, yet easy to show. Like „here” and „there” — concepts superfluous in logic, obvious in life, crucial in art. Each in their own way, artists in the exhibition address problems of correlation between the distant and the proximate, the infinite and the singular, the ideal and the given. This means that these works could be seen as schemes for navigation in cultural spaces which artists observe from our here and now.

It is not about going back to generic landscape idioms. In the age that mass-produces spaces — real, imaginary, symbolic — artists explore the very basic conditions of spatiality. They see landscape as a medium of knowledge, an optical system that allows to observe the inner world by the virtue of the external. History of landscape proves to be no more than archive of methods for turning reality into a screen for mental projections. If nature and soul are cultural constructs, then landscape is a matter rather cognitive than objective, the effect of observation.

In the new art, the viewer’s gaze becomes important element of the production of meaning. Observer of the mental landscape is free to choose a way from visibility to structure: work of the gaze translates natural phenomena into signs, distances into sentences, spaces into narratives. What space can tell us with its grammar of places, distances, directions? It is not about triumph of illusion, as tradition orders, and not about the Real’s revanche as in the past century. It is about something implicitly present, not yet in its place: about a sense of the distant in the proximate, about perspectives of knowledge, about possibilities of a better world.

Exhibition opening will take place on the 1st of December at Pugovishnikov pereulok, 11, stroenie 3.

We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition!