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In Travels. Transitional Experiences

In Travels. Transitional Experiences
Dates: January 19 — February 20, 2012
Venue: Gallery 21

Gallery 21 is happy to announce a three-exhibition cycle „Nonlocal Experiential Models”, starting with the project „In Travels. Transitional Experiences”.

Encountering the artwork, it is common to ask what is it being seen, who is the author, and how was it made. Yet one may also think about what does the visible mean, who sees it and how does it work. This way, art makes it possible to discern a world in the object, a concept in the image, an other in oneself. It is sign, sight and method that are important for new artists. Today, artwork can be understood as a certain model linking cognitive environment and active subject. Aesthetic experience then is not a sensory reaction but rather a cognitive action, and the viewer sees herself already-present within the artwork. „Nonlocal Experiential Models” series explores such an optics.

„In Travels. Transitional Experiences” exhibition opens the cycle. How do images of art differ from visuality of cultural industry? Is the traditional opposition of „action/observance” still relevant? What is there in common between Romanticism’s wandering, cursed poets’ strolling, dérive of Situationists and serial method of Conceptualism? Posing these questions, the exhibition revives notion and image of travel: movement of body, sight and meaning distinctive for arts and alien for visual codes of mass-media.