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Awaiting Environment

Awaiting Environment
Curator: Sergey Ogurtsov
Dates: March 01 — April 10, 2012
Venue: Gallery 21

„Be yourself!” — ordered industrial revolution to its soldier, private „I”. At the post-information market „self”, this by-product of communication genetics, is the most tradable, but short-live commodity: to participate in the spectacle of the society requires following first modernists’ behest — „Be an Other!”.

New art refuses to program avatars of subject to be able to form and to describe places of encounter. In this sense, any artwork today is a situation, or more precisely an observation of situations. Its crucial question is: Who is the one who sees this? Creative evolution of sight lead art from mimesis to education, from construction to reflection. The latter can be seen in time as waiting.

Why is waiting exactly? Because art knows: encounter is always a failed recognition or a state of irrecognition. Come here you know not whither and lose something you know not what — the enchanted everyday turns inside out in search of its hero, expression of no longer private but rather partial „self” becomes an alien reflection of the infinitely multiple, yet fragile worlds, revealing the one symbolic matter of natural and technological, things and actions, imagination and knowledge.

Each artwork in the exhibition sets its own temporality of such a waiting, and hence of observation. Its spatial equivalents can be imaginary landscapes or familiar, everyday objects and events. They do differ nonetheless from the wait of a man who flew into space: picked up by somebody’s (so far) alien sight, these traces of future rather prepare a place for someone who is always-already not here — and might not ever be. This way the situation of presence unfolds at the other side of the artwork, where just like in „Las Meninas” either a viewer or a mirror or yourself: the intersection of multitude of gazes — which are yet to recognize themselves.

Exhibition opening will take place on the 1st of March at 19: 00 at Pugovishnikov pereulok, 11, stroenie 3.

We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition!