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Dates: May 24 — June 28, 2012
Venue: Gallery 21

Gallery 21 is glad to announce Natalia Zintsova’s personal exhibition „Distances”.

In Natalia Zintsova’s artworks the very common details and scenes of everyday life appear to be critical points, transitions and borders between the levels of reality. She uses a variety of techniques including sculpture and photography, drawing and ready-made, and in each case the liberation effect appears from the utopian impulse that declares itself in unexpected semantic perspectives of ordinary things. Forces that are implicit in real life find their continuation in the space of an artwork by means of exact determination of the balance between conceptual and aesthetic. It seems that the artist’s gaze optics divides phenomena into layers: a single scatters into series, a whole turns out to be a fragment, a moment reveals as a space of opportunities.

The outside courtyard in a window, baby alphabet bricks (”A” — apple, „Z” — zipper), the leg of a missing commode; in the space of art things obtain new essence. Multi-dimensional symbolic space of differences is revealed in their deceptive simplicity. This space is formed by the work of different systems: communication networks, calendar rhythms, schedules and procedures. The artist experiences these systems in two ways: from inside as an inhabitant of everyday life and from outside, seemingly abandoning herself during the artistic act. Barriers and distances turn into junctions and bonds; ordinary moment, random glance and empty space reveals as a symbiosis space of real, fictional and inconceivable. While the logic of social spaces postulates the similarity of fact and meaning, in the art the most important is what distinguishes these categories: distances, delays and displacements. Natalia Zintsova transforms these gaps into gleams enlightening unaccounted opportunities of meaning production. The artist notices that the world we live in consists of meanings, instructions and descriptions, but not objects. The so called reality is formed by nonmaterial substances such as conventions, rules and scenarios embodied in linguistic games that control our feelings, aspirations and actions. The distance between the inner and the outer, self-reflection and social roles being ignored this world seems to be quite natural.

The silent clock „Vesna”, a souvenir from the past life. There are several historic periods between us and the time of these clocks. Their wooden bodies arranged into something like molecular chains, fragments of a potentially infinite pattern. In the world of system time is a resource for the space production by means of scenarios, scripts and programs. The law of calculation: one more day, one more step, one more point of view. What is the force which turns all unique things into units? Natalia Zintsova explores this implicit power of law of calculation in everyday life, transforming her artworks into special places on the inner side of the world of rules and algorithms, where different space and time approach the surface of experience.

Stas Shuripa

The opening of the exhibition was held on the 24th of May at 19: 00.

Preview was held on the 29th of May at 19: 00.