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Gallery 21 is glad to present an exhibition „Counerillusions” as a part of Special program of III Moscow International Biennale For Young Art. This project will be held at two locations: Gallery’s old mansion in the center of the city and one of the most significant late constructivist buildings — ZIL CC.

The exhibition presents new works of artists, who examine the borders between the spaces of social interactions and artistic fiction. A sharpened sense that something more important expresses itself in tension between the real and ephemeral, in art and life is often characteristic for the artists. In reality where the show became one of the most important social forces, production and circulation of images fully occupies the everyday life. In response to that the artists tend to create counterillusions rather than to produce images. These counterillusions may appear to be either both fragments of real spaces and the materiality of an art work or a meaning effect similar to sudden inspiration. Even the technological images contain the show denial energy at least in the gaps between pixels.

Today’s life is characterized by a specific attitude to the space. Being the main plot of modernity the gap between experience and expectations or between the past and the future is expressed in art by tension between real and illusory, visible and invisible, sight and motion. Technological images allegedly realize their own ephemerality; the specificity of location, architectural, historical and environmental factors become the part of an art work’s situation. The documentary, facts and events become the elements of the worlds depicted by artists. Artistic conditionality, exhibition space and perception create a composite environment where the presence of the viewer is the part of an artwork.

The unrestricted use of various media, the exchange between the everyday life and the art world of an art work are essential for artists in order to tell about the metaphor clash and its mechanisms revealing which is in fact the main event in the context of an art work. The critical impulse of artistic expression descends from the contrapositions of space and place, of image and presence. Habits of perception and navigation in social environments undergo sudden modifications. In each case an artwork propose a specific space and involves the viewer in the thick of sense producing processes. Situational and atmospheric character of an artwork doesn’t serve the purpose of immersion into the masscult or ideological dream, by contrast, counterillusions are destined to help in acknowledgement of the borders, thus in understanding the potential of social logic of space.

Stas Shuripa

The opening of the exhibition „Counterillusions” in Gallery 21 will take place July, 12 at 19: 00 at the address: Moscow, Pugovishnikov pereulok, 11/3. The guests will have an opportunity to speak to the artists and main art protagonists.

The opening of the exhibition „Counterillusions” in ZILL CC will take place July, 14 at 14: 00 at the address: Moscow, Vostochnaya St. 4/1. The opening will bring some joy with music and ice cream in ZIL CC. The guests will have an opportunity to feel the relaxing atmosphere of beautiful summer day, enjoying the examination of borders between space and artistic thought.

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