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Dates: September 07 — October 08, 2012
Venue: Gallery 21

Gallery 21 is glad to announce Sergey Lotsmanov’s personal exhibition „Synopticon”.

Painting and graphics are the author’s major forms of artistic statement. In frames of the exhibition there will be presented a variety of artworks created with ink and watercolors on paper. The artworks are outstanding for the colorful, attractive manner and also for the important conceptual message.

Major goal of Sergey Lotsmanov’s work is investigation of the present-day society with all its drawbacks. Synoptiсon is a kind of extrapolation of the term panopticon introduced by Jeremy Bentham and reconsidered by Michel Foucault to the modern society. The openness and transparency of the world turns out to be a non-existent academic concept or even a myth for the overwhelming majority of people. The mobility praised by globalization processes advocates remains an unachievable dream of the masses. Thereby the artworks of Sergey and deep meaning incorporated within make us think about the development vector of the modern society as well as the characteristics of the environment we exist in.

Consequently, the artworks presented in this exhibition reside in a semantic matrix of the art of tomorrow; and value of these artworks tends to increase with the course of time.

The opening of the exhibition „Synopticon” will be held on the 6th of September at 7 p.m. at Pugovishnikov pereulok, 11–3.

Private preview will be held on 5th of September at 7 pm. Entry by guest list.

Please RSVP (Client Relations Assistant).