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Dates: October 11 — November 12, 2012
Venue: Gallery 21

Gallery 21 is pleased to present Regnum, a solo exhibition of Nikolay Alekseev.

Nikolay Alekseev, a promising young artist, has a wealth of curator experience and presentations to public pieces of art and installation of various materials. Regnum exhibition of Nikolay Alekseev will also be presented in Voronezh at the end of this year.

The pieces presented in the exhibition are geometric bodies, plaster-casts of cavities found in the packing foam, which normally carry electronics. Together, they refer to both the avant-garde architecture and natural forms, as well as to the visual images of human history. Having started to study these strange shapes, the artist realized that they live by their own laws, forming the kingdom of interesting and mysterious species. Thus, the artist becomes a researcher and a researched one at the same time, because the relationship and hierarchy in the realm of forms is not yet described.

Regnum (Kingdom) is a world of artistic images; so metaphorical they are, and do not leave behind a captured evidence of their existence, but only traces and hints. To learn this world, one must identify and describe it. Thus, the traces become visible and space grows tangible. The process of learning and imprinting by the artist becomes infinite, because art images constantly changing and multiplying, allowing for new ways to explain themselves.

Nikolay Alekseev