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Seems something is missing here

Gallery 21 is glad to announce group exhibition „Seems something is missing here” at Centre for Contemporary Art „Winzavod”.

Seems something is missing here… Where is „here”? In art? Or society? In people’s minds? What is missing? Trust? Freedom? Desire? Poetry? Perhaps, now it’s more important to ask questions rather than to offer deceptively simple answers. Artists share a commitment to review standard set of positions reserved for a contemporary artist by a common stereotyped opinion. While roles of peculiar animator and PR rebel are equally unacceptable, one may refer to deep thinking and reflection. In the allegorical description the reality reveals itself as the boundary between the utopian impulse and antiutopia. Being conscious that somewhere here some important things are missing artists also understand the fundamental importance of the very lack, incompleteness and disembodiment. The sense of imbalance, inherent in the experience of social interactions, turns the absence, silence and emptiness into a sort of optical instruments that help to recognize, even from a certain distance, the possibility to improve the world.

Stas Shuripa

The opening of the exhibition „Seems something is missing here” will take place 5th of October at 19.00 at the address 4th Syromyatnicheskiy lane, 1, bld 6. The guests will have an opportunity to talk to artists and leading art figures.

Please, RSVP: tel. +7 (499) 245 11 25 or