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Artists: Ilya Dolgov
Dates: February 07 — March 10, 2013
Venue: Zoological Museum of Moscow State University

”Azoic” is a period of the Earth’s history, when a living, machinery and cultural elements were not divided into separate modes of existence. I am trying to find this point of fusion in our everyday reality. My mission is to make a list of „non-humans”, chimeras, creatures that once inhabited our world first and are returning now.

Gaze of a Western man at first saw the autonomous spheres of activity and autonomous subjects, and then the network structure. Nowadays we run the risk to miss the moment when at our horizontal decentralization new players will clot; not people.

I’m trying to spot these creatures in two ways:

The first one is isolation from the structure of everyday reality. Sociologist Bruno Latour discovered his „non-humans” in the morning paper: the ozone hole, the HIV epidemic, plane crash. As for me — it is a watering machine and its operator who is serving a flowerbed. Growth of population of the river midges interrupted normal workflow of the late running stores within couple of blocks. This is obviously a documental method; the result is a list of documented facts, where the artist is only a selector.

The second way is to invent, construct these creatures. Azoids appear as a result of this method. They are fictional creatures, chimera-ancestors, some life-cycle schemes. Azoids are not objects. This is a fusion of different principles of life form construction, the situation of interaction between different modes of existence. For them the artist and the art form an environment of occurrence and habitat. My strategy is to observe, describe and enumerate them.

These two poles are united in my solo show, representing the types, history, structure of azoids. Classification, models, and relics become azoids’ lair and their own nest. „

Ilya Dolgov

The opening of the solo show by Ilya Dolgow will be held on 7th February at B. Nikitskaya st. 6 at 19.00.