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Air To Land

Air To Land
Dates: February 22 — March 23, 2013
Venue: Gallery 21

Curator: Günther Selichar, Academy of Visual Arts (Leipzig).

In anticipation of exhibition Ksenia Podoynitsyna and Stanislav Uyba, gallery owners said: „Michael is a young contemporary artist, who has successfully participated in several group exhibitions at Gallery 21. In view of the fact that Michel lives and works in Leipzig, he has a distinct artistic language other than Moscow artists. He decided to base his study of the information available to everyone on the Internet and in the media and present the results in an unexpected way.”

”There are increasing reports of unmanned aircraft and their activity around the world in the media. The world gets used to be under the supervision of air unmanned systems. These operations are classified, but their effects can’t hide, and the military are forced to make public statements about any military actions in the global war on terror. Collecting information on their activity, I began to notice that the photos used in the press, repeated and not always match the content of articles. Typically, these photos made by military journalists for press or internal use, and they are all pretty similar — unmanned aircraft in the foreground in the center of the frame on the background of a landscape.

I found it interesting, how we distinguish and compare them. What happens when we are trying to find this place. As those who have never seen these aircraft and these landscapes, understand the reality of these images, and most importantly, the reality of the events that the pictures illustrate. I became interested in is not the MQ-9 aircraft, and what is behind them in the photos are anonymous landscapes from around the world.

My mission was to conduct a comparative analysis and identification of each of the found images in order to establish the exact location shown in the picture. Each photo in the series has the name given in connection with the topography shown in it the secret empire of military bases. I will also say that my mission was to expose some more hidden places on the map. My aim was to visual examination, revealing hidden threat of peaceful landscapes, what lies behind their superficial calm. Most of them look really harmless”.

Michael Tolmachev