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Sense of Water

Sense of Water
Dates: April 10 — May 08, 2013
Venue: Gallery 21

Exhibition „Sense of Water” was conceived during artist’s stay in the art residence at Nida. Popular resorts in low season distinguished by their emotional mood — its full of emptiness, and can offer an unexpected but welcome the stranger wide range of experiences, sometimes too strong for one spectator. At the Curonian Spit is often a feeling that the emptyness is filled with water, washing the sand bar. Toughing with the terrene world, the sea gradually penetrates, grabs the various items, sometimes changing them beyond recognition. It affects to people. It is no accident the water is the element that is in charge of the intuitiveness and sensitivity.

It is always important for Natalia Zintsova to work with not only the ideas and concepts, but also with the emotions. In the extremely stingy lapidary forms — whether man-made art object or found object made by nature, she creates are not metaphors, but rather than images, with direct sensory influence.

Then the value of unpaired shoes collection pitted by sea and stranded or unicity of quasi-ember collection, carefully stored in a lightbox becomes clear. Then, looking at the sand island, settled in a wooden drawer, start to think about the fragility of the universe, the transience of life, and other categories, losing in the rhythm of modern city life.

The substance of these images is clear and elusive at once, like that almost mystical „sense of water”, which features the best swimmers. They say that it can be presented as a gift and as suddenly can be lost. And you can try to consciously develop — as well as a sense of art.

Natalia born in 1971 in Moscow. She graduated GITIS (1995), State University of Printing (2004) and the Institute of Contemporary Art (2007).

The opening of Natalia Zintsova solo show „Sense of Water” will be held on the 10th of April at 7pm at Pugovishnikov pereulok, 11/3.