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Binary House

Binary House
Dates: December 10, 2013 — January 25, 2014
Venue: Gallery 21

Sergey Lotsmanov will present oil paintings for the first time in his career in Gallery 21 on December 10. Sergey is a graduate from Tallinn Fine Arts Academy and the Institute of Contemporary Art Moscow (ICA Moscow).

Binary House exhibition primarily emerges as artist’s exploration journey in an attempt to create a new painting language and the whole world based on the geometric structure. Sergey Lotsmanov develops „abstract landscapes” and space compositions, which reflect the trace of perspective vision. His play on languages is not related to any pluralism of style, rather, all signs represent a multiple flow and a staggering unity visualizes only as a virtual reality.

Binary code landscapes reflect a potential space or a site where conscience reveals itself. The conscience sweeps down seeking for an object revealing an existential experience. Lotsmanov’s pictures lack objects. They are rather a labyrinth of ghost communication schemes, eternal walking around in a circle in psychic and mythological environment. In order to break free into a new dimension of potential virtual reality, one needs just one light reflexive vibration to revealcat and mouse play of exterior and interior.

Sergey Lotsmanov: „A difference between the internal (inclusion) and the external (exclusion) emerges as a plastic form representing the society of the last millennium; in its up-to-day version it is adjusted by a volume of controllable mobile enforcement/decrease. This binary structure is monitoring the present from its past, and the future is present right „here”. It utopic impulse of freedom may be seen in a thin matter of the virtual world. This world is an interspace phenomenon, an abstract experience, (cognitive) and existential living of space intensity (presence). The mental roadmap with multiple entrances and exits implies various readings, but such variety continuously stimulates the work of thought where unfamiliar may open in a new form. If only there is a chance to express well-known things in new forms, such effect is close to a large-scale trip to unknown planets from far-away galaxies.”