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Measurements, Dimensions

Measurements, Dimensions
Artists: Stas Shuripa
Dates: September 23 — October 23, 2013
Venue: Gallery 21

Gallery 21 is glad to introduce you „Dimensions, dimensions” Stas Shuripa's solo show which will take place within the parallel program of the 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. It is the first solo show of the artist since 2010, and Gallery 21 opens its new exhibition space by the project in particular.

The project is dedicated to the relation of view and space, the forces which are not too obvious but still active in the visual environments. Daily experience, the history of arts, representations of booklore – when you abstract yourself from the customary contexts you will notice that all of this are the pieces of the global communication stream. They are the elements of the system which is impossible to see or even realize as a whole, all of them are the frontiers of different patterns of perception. The view rich of energy of expectation mixes the real with the ideality in the shutters of the environments in the centre of which is an always escaping moment when an observer meets with his/her presence effects in the viewing field.

It is a twinkle of story lines in impacts of the far and the close. There is a stellar map on the wall, a crash of ice-cakes, a stone desert, desert worlds. On the event horizon they are transforming into the mental objects and then in the patterns eliminating the spirit of the things. On the other hand, neurosciences digitalize the close; analysing the attitude of living beings to the space it creates images messaging about possibilities of controlling the presence above all. The principles of design covers both the social environments and inner worlds; and the movement of a man in the environments saturated by design is followed by races of a mouse in a labyrinth during an experiment.

The sense of space determines the forms of neural networks as neurobiology says. When the vision sense becomes free from the task to see both a subject and an object in any situation it becomes clear: we are not strange to the world. The things retreat, and the distances dissolving both an observable and an observer comes to the fore.

If all the distances in the reality tissued from communications are psychological first of all, the task of arts is not so much to build new bridges connecting macrocosm and microcosm as to discover the places for their detached observation; in order to give a chance to appear something that forms their general basis – imperfection – in the shutters of the shocking spaces. This invisible in the ordinary experience presence of absence begins to tell only in the pauses between the objects. And it is not necessary to fight with it; it is its invisible work that makes the world full of opportunities.

Stas Shuripa