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Artists: Tayyab Tariq
Dates: February 06 — March 13, 2014
Venue: Gallery 21

Contrapposto is the state of equilibrium and peace created by opposite motions.

As the evolving of urban civilization accelerates, the emergence of new forms gets more chaotic and unpredictable, and the complexity of structural relationships between their components increases rapidly. The aesthetic principle of the young Pakistani artist Tayyab Tariq is of harmonizing and synchronizing interaction between the heterogeneous objects: the form of human body sets parameters to everything; a chair is a body gesture, it is a device helping us adjust to any space, whether public or private.

”Contrapposto” transcends the limits of formation process in the world of objects. All of them are positioned here as dialogical pairs forming interrelation, imposed by the author, between counter posed metaphors. Process of their interaction is purely the discovery of self: an inactive body attracts active body and in some way the latter becomes more active by the former. Twisted into a spiral and charged with versatile identities, an ordinary object is our permanent gesture as it reflects the presence of people.

The conceptual core of every object is expressed as pliable, and its deceitful balance carries us away into the zone of meanings — not only that of symbols. Tayyab Tariq challenges the idea of perception and creates another type of mentality, where typical notions contradict co-existing ones, and the mentality itself is interpreted as an abstract thesis and its expansion.

Ksenia Podoynitsina, Founder of „Gallery 21”:

„Gallery 21” continues to introduce young and promising foreign artists to the Russian audience. And I am happy to present our next exhibition — „Contrapposto” by Tayyab Tariq, Pakistani artist. This is a special event for Russian art-scene as it allows us to see contemporary art through the eyes of the artist with absolutely different aesthetic perception and generally unknown national identity.
”Gallery 21” commits to the research, aesthetic and ethical task of integrating the representatives of international art community into the Moscow local environment allowing our audience to break away from conventional terms of intellectual task and see it anew.