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Round table: something important

Round table: something important
Dates: May 31 — June 27, 2016
Venue: Gallery 21
In the center of the project are twelve stories told by people and machines. The artist wrote down stories for two years. At the exhibition they are presented in the form of audio sculpture.
Sculpture is a specially designed table, for which the artist planted the storytellers and distributed each microphone. To hear the story, you need to join the conversation: sit down at the table, bend slightly and listen.
Some of the stories were told specifically for the exhibition, other were taken from open sources. At the first sight, stories are random. There are stories from life, poems, radio shows, recording of meteorological conditions on a distant planet. But what unites them at the round table? Each story contains something important.
Around this important thing, the narrative of the exhibition was built. He is deliberately fabulous and implausible. But the waves can not hide anything if a ship with a prophetic oak in the hold and the Argonauts aboard.