Ru En


It is wrong to underestimate a role of artists in formation of the public point of view on historical events. Perceptions of many of them appears because of works of art, including historical painting.

On the one hand the artist fixes a universum fragment, with another — reproduces the escaping reality. Escaping because, describing the same event during one time period, in mass media there are opposite treatments creating fictional reality. However, the understanding of „reality” is very illusive. The reality begins with atom and reaches black holes. The concept of time is relative too. For example, in philosophy it is an objective form of existence of infinitely developing matter.

Thus, interpretation of the author, his subjective vision of current events is of interest to us. Reflection is and attempt to make a cut of subjective reality in the conditional interval of time called „now” and an opportunity to reflect the biased point of view formed by means of mass media.