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Sergey Katran solo show 1: 30

Sergey Katran solo show 1: 30
Artists: Sergey Katran
Dates: January 23 — March 01, 2018
Venue: Галерея 21

Dear friends! We are glad to invite you to opening of a personal exhibition by Sergey Katran 1: 30.

Opening of the exhibition „1: 30” by the artist Sergey Katran will take place on January 23 in Gallery 21. The unusual objects which combine sculpture and digital video will be presented at the exhibition. The objects look like fancy natural forms similar to wood parasitic fungus. A viewer sees an aboveground part of a fungus in a real object, and a mycelium in the digital image. The author studies natural systems as social models.

The fractal theory of Mandelbrot and the negative social phenomenon of corruption have served in this project as inspiration for the artist. The artist considers that the parasitic fungus system reminds corruption in society. As well as the mycelium corruption tries to take more space, getting into all sectors of the society. Also as well as a fungus, it has the „aboveground”, patent part related to corruption scandals and „underground” hidden part which is not reported publicly. As the parasitic fungus corruption infects all participants of the system.

Sergey Katran: „A weakened organism with suppressed immunity becomes infected at first in nature. But even a simple polypore will be able to infect healthy trees if it expands. In social practice there are lots of mechanisms which can resist to corruption. For example, introduction of digital technologies: cameras instead of GAI officers and so on. It is being introduced, but in consciousness of society everyday corruption is not the obvious evil. It also weakens public immunity. While in public consciousness raising money for a gift to a teacher is not corruption, corruption schemes in larger entities won't disappear.

As an artist I am interested in the way of Moscow monuments installation. How decisions are made? Why there are no public open competitions, evaluation of works by the public and professional jury which is surely consists of heterogeneous participants? Perhaps, in this case we would have other, interesting projects, not reconstruction of images of the last centuries”.

The author defines the objects as a model of a biological spontaneous sculpture which can be made of different materials, including natural. The artist represents the negative social phenomena as a form of symbiotic communication: host and parasite. A person infected with the corruption becomes a host of its fungal spores.

It will be possible to see the process of infection of reality with art objects in the form of fungus systems on January 23 in Gallery 21 in Sergey Katran's project „1: 30”

Project soundtrack by Dmitry Morozov

Digital video by Maxim Kalmykov

Sergey Katran, the artist, the sculptor, has graduated from faculty of natural sciences, investigates the natural and social phenomena, works with various media: object, installation, video, photo, image, action, performance, sound, text.