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Until the Word is gone

Until the Word is gone
Artists: Sergey Katran
Dates: March 10 — April 15, 2016
Venue: Gallery 21

In the multimedia project by the artist Sergey Katran uniting different types and forms of the modern art a key concept of modern culture will be described: it is a word which plays an important role in all its manifestations. About destiny and a role of a word in media space, about de virtualization of a word, its transformation into a visible and tangible object.

The author of the project Sergey Katran describes his intention: „The word from virtual turns into a material object. This transformation happens practically before the eyes of a viewer. The resulting subject belongs to the category „impossible”.

The Until the Word have not Disappeared project belongs to such popular type of the modern art as science-art. Therefore, experts of different creative and scientific directions take part in it. Audio-installation „Neo-Vavilonsky dialogue” is a collaboration of Sergey Katran, the famous poet polyglot Willie Melnikov and guru of electronic music: vtol: For the installation Melnikov has specially made the translation of the word „art” into more than 60 world languages.

For deeper understanding ways of finding of sign systems, joint video work by the artist-inventor Katran and the media poet Natalya Fedorova „A ritual game” will be presented at the exhibition in Gallery 21. The condition of this game reminds of prehistoric time, of the invention of writing when players had a right to create symbols without duty to fill them with contents.

In video documentation of a linguistic performance of „Negotiation with Roza” Sergey Katran and the German artist, the specialist in biosystems Roza Ryokker experiment with a word, splitting it, like elementary particles or filched DNA, bringing to life everything new and new meanings and words.