Ru En


Dates: October 24, 2017 — January 15, 2018
Venue: Gallery 21

In the project #unlock issues which are important for the artist and in general for our time are raised. These are issues of personality and city interaction which are expressed in contrast of bright colour splashes of monotyping and gray mass of concrete walls and panels. As the artist considers, with the help of art people can unblock this pressing weight. The term „unblock” is also related to media space which constantly presses on people and on a city.

Marina Zvyagintseva uses two author's brands: the unique monotyping technique and the subject of outskirts of the city, so-called „sleeper cell”. She consistently develops the idea of invasion of the modern art into a cultural vacuum of city suburbs. She has already organized and conducted lots of important public art projects. Ability to agree with the difficult customer by the name of the city and without any pessimism to work with the Moscow dullness, have made her one of the most outstanding figures of Moscow public art.

The new project of Marina Zvyagintseva is not in open urban space, but in Gallery 21 on Winzavod. The main character of the project #Unlocked is a concrete block, a part of the modern city brought in the room. The main mean of expression is monotyping, an old technique of 17 century which is added by the artist into the modern art and combines with such unexpected materials as concrete or sewage pipes. Under the influence of a colourful stream of the monotyping gray monolithic concrete bursts (installations „The information pressure”; „Rupture of daily occurrence”).

The artist tries to unblock an information field, and human relations. Picturesque mobile devices, pipes, projections and the red color prevailing in monotyping are added to a graphic abstract wall.