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Rituals of Resistance

Rituals of Resistance
Artists: Anya Titova
Dates: May 14 — July 30, 2013
Venue: Gallery 21, CCI Fabrika

Gallery 21, Moscow and CCI FABRIKA, Moscow

through July 20, 2013

Anya Titova's project „Rituals of Resistance” consists of two parts, which will be presented at the Gallery 21 and the CCI FABRIKA. The project is curated by Stas Shuripa. Two expositions are connected like archive and exhibition space of the imaginary museum dedicated to the construction of subjectivity. The artist builds a complex and multifaceted narrative through the use of found objects, collage, sculpture, video, and works done in collaboration with other artists.

The subject of „Rituals of Resistance” comes out of encounters and conflicts between the functional, symbolic, aesthetic, and social meanings inherent in things, the elements of a „system of objects”. What is before us: document or fiction, original or copy, instrument or artifact? Each item is presented as the embodiment of ideological schemes, as the effect of certain models of the world, scientific, philosophical, political knowledge structures.

Rejecting positions of post-ideological neutrality, Titova looks at the relationships between the lived environments, institutional power and the production of identity through the optics of feminism. The gender perspective allows her to reread the legacy of Dada and Surrealism, as well as episodes from the history of social movements. The artist’s attention is focused on conditions and methods, ethical and social criteria of archiving gesture rather than on the exhibited objects as such.

Thus the main theme of the project is manifested: the possibility of liberation through art. If today „archival impulse” pervades also cultural space, if the growing power of cataloging and museifying technologies makes them effective means of manipulation, then in her new work Anya Titova offers a critical view of backgrounds and possible consequences of this instrumentalization of archive.