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Dates: September 12 — October 19, 2017
Venue: Gallery 21

The parallel program of the 7th Moscow international Biennial of the modern art

The gallery 21 represents the „Separation” exhibition, the joint project of artists Natasha Danberg (Sweden) and Natalya Zintsova (Russia).

The exhibition tells about common thought of two authors separated in space, but united by ability to observe and analyze the phenomena in the nature and culture.

Natalya Zintsova's video installation „Representation” visualizes attitude of the artist, distinctiveness of her thinking and imagination through a metaphor. The viewer sees the opened book with texts of antique tragedies of Eskhil, Sophocles and Euripides. Plants casting shadows on the pages which are flipped by a wind remind a herbarium or more likely snatches of memory of it. The archetypic kernel which is underpin the Greek tragedy are in collective unconscious, uniting images of the past and the present, returning to antiquity relevance. In the second part of installation grazing goats eat those plants which shadows we saw among book pages. The tragedy, as we know, is translated as „a goat song”, and appearance of these animals results us again in our confused memory and those ideas of reality which it creates.

Natasha Danberg, to give feeling of separation and loss, addresses images of not striking northern plants.

The saplings which are dug out with a root leave damp, dark stains on fabric in which they have been wrapped and which became for them a background now: the soiled sheets, tablecloths and napkins remind of those meals and nights which prints they have.

The division necessary for survival leaves the marks. Parting as a process demands time for understanding.