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Save as a picture

Save as a picture
Dates: April 24 — June 01, 2018
Venue: Gallery 21

24th of April — 1st of June 2018

The opening day is on 24th of April 19.00

Painting can be useful in the home!

The exhibition by Vladimir Dubosarsky and Ales Kochevnik „Save as an image” will open on the 24th of April. Unique art objects – the result of collaboration of two artists will be presented at the exhibition. and in the Secret room there will be new paintings by Vladimir

This project is a new spiral in work of the artist. Vladimir continues to experiment with opportunities of painting as a medium, and in cooperation with Ales he changes habitual perception of painting as plane format, turning canvases into volume works, using his works as a material for creation of an objects.

Ales Kochevnik writes: „Works of art, even paintings, must have an extra function, some practical use. Canvas paintings are created with paints applied on any surface and in cases of the crisis moments when there is a lack of material and emotional, they can be used as a pattern; to sew toys and clothes. Pushing boundaries of the pictorial which becomes now not only visual, but also tactile, and gets a great connection with the viewer or the consumer in this way.

But each person still has the choice: to cut the painting or not to cut. And this is a private matter to solve whether the backpack, a bag or a toy is the same valuable object as a picture.”

Vladimir Dubosarsky:

Vladimir was born in Moscow in 1964, in the family of the artist Efim Davydovich Dubossarsky. He studied in the Moscow art school of memory of 1905 (1980 — 1984), then at the Moscow state art institute of V.I. Surikov (1988 — 1991). Since 1994 he is a member of MOSH.

Selected exhibitions

2017 „Certificate on the Renaissance”, Yeltsin Center, Yekaterinburg

2015 „Seven minutes on melancholy”, Triumph Gallery, Moscow

2014 „Moscow and Muscovites”, Museum of Moscow, Moscow

2012 Retrospective. Alexander Vinogradov and Vladimir Dubosarsky, Winery, Moscow

2011 For courage!”, Triumph gallery, Moscow

„Khimki — Life”, Vilma Gold Gallery, London

2009 „Danger! Museum”, 53, Venice Biennial, Venice

2007 Seasons of the Russian painting, State Tretyakov gallery, Moscow

2002 „Total life”, gallery XL, Moscow

1998 „P.S.”, M. Gelman's Gallery, Moscow

1997 „Erntedankfest”, Atelier-Ester Freud, Vienna, Austria

1995 „Picture for the Reichstag”, Higelman gallery, Berlin

Ales Kochevnik:

Anna Govorova working under the pseudonym Ales Kochevnik „Colour is an artist's thought”, writes Ales. „The clarity is important for me, so I don't mix paint

She graduated from the Kemerovo University of Arts, „Free Workshops” School at MMSI.

She studied in Base at Anatoly Osmolovsky


„Touch limits”, MMSI on Tver, March, 2014.

„If tomorrow war begins”, The curator is Marat Gelman, Montenegro 2016.